I was standing outside Maya’s house “Karma is a bitch” I said to myself. This visit was happening because of my unfortunate encounter with colonel. Why on Earth did I blabber all those things to Colonel?(Read my story Chennai Express) Words are like winds. Anyways, I was at the house, and there was no looking back.
I entered through the colossal gate of Maya’s mansion’esque’ house and got hypnotized by the aura of the house. The cobbled entrance, the colorful rangoli , the eclectic flower garden and the aroma of those flowers was sending me into an ecstatic oblivion. I was drowning n my thoughts when I heard a voice “Virat? Virat?” I did not know him. That chubby man was sitting at the couch in the drawing room and eating something. he must be the uncle or his son…or a baby elephant….i am not very sure..should have wore my glasses. I entered the room and he greeted me. “I am Maya’s uncle, Ganesh. She told so many things about you. Good to meet you” Uncle Ganesh said. Ganesh!!Why am I not surprised?
“Thank you.” I replied.
“Well, Maya went to the temple with her mother. She will be back. By the way, Maya tells me you like to travel. So where have you been to?”
“yes…yes…I like to travel…I have been to Rajasthan, Manali, North east for trekking. I don’t think you are into traveling, right??” I said.
“No, no….I am not much of a traveler.”
“hmm…I figured that out from the couch.” I said leaning back to my sofa.
“Couch?My couch? How?”
“You starting to look like one.” I said and started to laugh. Ganesh joined me in our laughing endeavor suggesting that he liked my joke. Thank you, Maya for giving info about your family
By 6.30 in the evening the whole family was at the living room. Uncle Ganesh and his chubby wife with his chubby son Mahesh in all whites. They looked like a family of panda I was also joined by Maya’s other uncle, Rama’s family. He had two identical daughters Sri and Sushree. Though swear to God, I had no idea who was who. I am going to call you left and right. Finally, I was joined by Maya’s grandfather, Colonel, her parents and Maya. She looked radiant in her crimson attire. Though she was looking magnificent but there was something different about her attitude. Lets just say, the Maya I knew was like…….If people were rain, I would be drizzle and she would be hurricane. I mean she was a chatterbox who cant shut her mouth but that day she din’t even speak to me. I feel like a circus clown in a show. People are mocking me and I cant even understand. I should have rejected the offer.
Around 8pm, we reached our dinner destination, a posh restaurant of Chennai. We were only 5 people Maya and I, Maya’s parents and Colonel, Maya’s grandfather. We sat at the table and started to talk except Maya’s father. He was quiet the whole time listening to our conversation. What is wrong with this man? He is one bad experiment away from becoming a super villain…And he would be called Dr. Silence or Mr. Mute
I looked at Maya and remember the story what she told me about the time when she first told her father about me. She had to tell her father twice about me, I guess, and I am not sure why, maybe he heard it wrong like instead of “Dad, I like a boy.”He must have heard ”Dad, I like a toy”. Finally, he decided to meet me.
We were waiting for the order and the colonel went to the washroom with the ladies. Then Major Narayan Murthi spoke “Listen, I don’t like you bit.”
”hello”, I thought people used to start a conversation with this….SAY IT SAY IT…
“aaaaa….Okay”You are an Idiot, Virat
“Just because my wife and father like you, does not mean I like you. It is not personal but I know you college boys…”He could not finish his sentence as colonel had arrived.
”does not like you”…You have perfected the art of stating the obvious.
We continued to chat. Also Mr. Mute tried to engage in a conversation with me though he hated it. We were in the middle of one of my trekking stories, when I was interrupted by a family friend of theirs. Moments later, Maya’s father joined him in the hotel lounge. I asked Maya “Who was he?”
“That is fathers’ arch nemesis, Mr Reddy. They used to be in the same battalion. Tey have a heated rivalry for God knows what….”She said.
“what are they doing there?”I asked.
“It is a darts game. Loser has to get everyone drinks. It is an army thing.” This time colonel said. He insisted me join them along with him. The first round was over Mr. Reddy scored 1200 points with two bull’s eye worth 500 points. He was laughing, almost certain of his victory. Dr. Silence went next . His first shot was a 300, good warm up shot. Next missed the bull’s eye by a millimeters fetching 400 points. Last shot needed to be a bull’s eye. He was nervous and sweating mildly. Though he hated me and I was not very fond of him but deep down I was rooting for him. He took a deep breath and went for it. The dart flew and flew. It looked like movie in slow motion and ultimately fetched him 400 points. Dr. Silence was actually silenced by the laughter of the people coz he lost the bet.
I feel bad. Maybe, I should try. I could be a hero or be a zero. But I am good in darts.
“How about a round with me? Double or nothing?” I said almost impulsively. What I have done?
If I were a betting person, I would not bet for my win. 1200 is solid score in darts. Maya was almost stunned. Colonel was calm but his eyes were beaming with excitement. Mr. Murthi came running towards me and said “Are you sure?”
“Never been more sure” I said. I have to break up with Maya. This is suicide.
I took my darts in my left hand and took a deep breath. The adrenaline was pumping inside me. This is my moment to shine. The stage is set. Do It Virat. Do It.
My first shot was wayward and got me 300 points.Good start. Now this one is important.I looked at Maya. She was praying and clutching Colonel’s arms. I looked at the board took my second dart and went for it. It was bull’s eye. A thunderous applause erupted in the room. My confidence was sky high.Last shot.400 I took my dart and just rocketed it. It glided and glided and got stuck at the 400 mark. “AND IT IS A TIE” The next thing I heard was that and people shaking hands with me.
Of all the people congratulated me, I was happy when one person came and said “Son, you were good. Tough luck.”
I said :”I was not trying to beat him. I was trying to beat you. And I did that.”
And for the first time, I saw Mr Murthi smile. He smiled from his heart. He smiled with satisfaction. He smiled with affection. And that is the story of how I met my father -in –law.My father used to say “People can be changed. A person whom you think you know vanishes in a moment, just like breathe on a mirror. Never know when, Never know why. You have to keep trying.”

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