I read a few posts recently and the brilliant discussion that they invite. The points raised are valid and the Visiting Faculty's points are valid too. So we can't remove the option of anonymity altogether and we can not just even promote to write non-anonymously. Author of the post have all rights to write whatever way they want. But yes there is a way by which one can know who the author is.

The answer is remark in the author poll. If you feel really touched and inspired and moved by the writing and you would like to know the author more just leave a remark that is genuine and in the context of the post. I have noted that almost every time the author is nice and they reply back. Once they reply back let them know your curiosity and ask them to reveal their identity. Almost every time they will respond to your request. They will know by the way you talk to them that if they can trust you or not.

This way both authors and readers will be happy and will result in healthy conversation and interaction.

Initially the purpose of the author poll remark was to promote one to one constructive criticism and discussion. But it can be used in many ways.

For more context refer this article:

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