Tomorrow, dare to be different. Break your pattern. Take a day off and get lost in the city. You are alive and you are a writer. Roam the city, drink in the sights with your eyes..plug in your headphones, set a good track on repeat and walk like you are bouncing to music. You would make a funny sight, that is a promise but you would break smiles on many faces, that's a promise too..Tomorrow, spot a rainbow of possibility, and skate on it.Find where the sunshine of happiness filters through the leaves on the trees of glee and throw a swing of smiles over it's branch..when it rains the rain of joy, dance. Dance like you are a free bird, a creature of pure joy, an enchanted entity from the land of optimism..And then when you are tired of being at bliss, write. Draw it into words and save it.
When in future you have a rough day, go back and will be at peace will need no jester to cheer you up..Viola! happiness is served, with cherry of ecstasy on top! Bon Appetite!

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