Human mind- The greatest riddle known to human race to date, noboby knows, even with the great scientific expertise we have developed , the power of human mind.This in fact is a blessing in disguise, because i feel that the day they develop something to quantize the power of mind is , we would have another excuse for segregation of humans, and honestly we all can agree to the fact that we dont want to be segregated.

So lets not go into that .

The mind of every person works in different way and this decides the nature of an indvidual . So what is this "nature"?. Well in a raw sense it can be defined as how a person is perceived by other person around him or her; For instance, we say person X is friendly by nature, so what makes him friendly is decided by the mind of that person.

Mind according to me is nothing but the voices that we hear inside our head. Sometimes we do what the voice inside our head says and sometimes we just try to reason what that voice or our mind says.

Lets agree to the fact we all have heard that voice in our head. So one simple question arises ;should we listen to those voices? .. sometimes you may get benefitted by doing so and sometimes you wont.

you just cannot trust that voice 100%. I have heard and read many places if you control you mind , you can acieve anything in life . Easier said than done, right? thats wht i feel too. Mind is like a child with some kind of attention deficieny syndrome, it just cannot concentrate on one thing.

Years ago my English teacher gave us a simple exercise- to close our eyes and picture one thing and just concentrate on that. So , i thought ,ok - piece of cake. I started with a cute innocent , full of life red Apple, but 2-3 second later i was cutting that apple with an abnormally long knife and eating it, and then suddenly i was out playing cricket with my firends and amazingly in place of cricket ball I had the Apple in my hand.While all this was happening , the 'real me' was like"What is all this ? Where is my Apple?"

It occured to me that little adventurous story of an Apple was framed by my mind which was not in my control evidently. So , from that day onwards I decided to be the master of mind, and I can say I can say I have not acheived any great deal of success.Still that I eat that little Apple moments after imagining it but I have my mind to blame it.:)

So , I would be analysing different type of human emotions and how all those are controlled by the great Human mind.

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