Men are shameless hypocrites. In the name of love they will have sex with their girlfriends and then dump her, for the one whom they want to marry (variety, you know :P); isn't this rape?Ask them to ban pornography which demeans women, and they will scream "Are we in the stone age?"Tell them to abandon alcohol, the cause of domestic violence and rapes, they will shout "Is this Taliban?"They will have indiscriminate sex while in primary schools, because it's cool (or may be one step ahead, make the MMS and do it viral on Internet). Tell them to marry at that age, they will shout "Are we regressive!?"So next time when you see a male protestor with his 'intellectual' glasses on, ask him if he can do away with these things, if the answer is 'Yes', probably this is the one in thousand, that respects the women

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