I am me.
You won’t like me right away,
But that’s okay,
I planned it that way.
Camouflage is the best defense.
I am me.
In all my nothingness, God still made me excellent.
You just have to have that sight,
The ones that looks beyond the apparent
Well into the soul..
I am me.
I am the person you judged wrong.
And your prejudice let you shut me out.
The person you made a mockery of
Not by words alone,
By a snicker or a snort of derision
Or a roll of eyes..
Thus you yelled out your disdain
I am the same, I am me.
And all this time I have been beautiful,
And elegant and funny and smart
A bit out of ordinary,
But good for those who really see..
I am me.
I am every other girl
Who is never given attention,
Because you don’t find her
To have a beautiful exterior.
Ignorance maybe a bliss but,
I pity you for not knowing me..
And I will have the last laugh
For I know,
In the grand scheme of things,
No matter how much you resist,
I am meant to be the yin to your yang
And that’s fate’s justice in my name,
To have you at my feet in utter submission..
I am me.
Weak, average looking, simple
But above that
I am a winner, a champion.
And I will win you over….

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