I am not a physicist,

I am not even sure if I exist. 


I was wondering if time is a dimension, then can we travel in time? Actually we already do travel in time and that is why time pass. Just like when we cross a town on a highway we cross past that town. Now the question is that we can change directions in the 3 dimensions of space but we can't in time. Or do we? Also the speed at which we travel in time is always the same? I mean we use clock to measure time assuming the time is flowing linearly. What if it was not. Will the clocks then still show us correctly where have we reached in time? Like, has the 1st Jan 2019 arrived yet? or we are still at some distance in time from 1st Jan 2019? A crazy scientist once said that speed at which time pass depends on gravity in some sense and since we are living in a uniform gravity the time will pass pretty much linearly for us on earth. But what if our earth enters into a worm hole and land near a black hole, our clocks will show us what? I don't know if anybody has said that worm holes don't travel in space and time. Maybe they change their position with time due to something happing on the other side of the hole. Who knows?


Also if we somehow travel in time backwards( or even foreward but at a speed greater than the current speed), will our bodily requirements change and will we be able to survice without air during that travel? Because am not sure if we travel in time will that air that surrounds us will travel along with us. Maybe we need to hold our breath and wait till there is a time and space which is favorable for survival of humans. Same analogy can be applied with the clothes, will we land in 1920 naked if we somehow travel back in time. Infact now I think will we be even remain in one piece in such travel? Maybe our intesting goes to 1930 and brain to 1910. I am trying to break out of the logical paradiagm. Maybe we stuble upon something new when we leave our sense of logic. Because frankly I don't think we know anything. Or what we know is real. Our senses is what what makes us believe what it is there.


Let's say we are currently controlled by some computer program and is made to believe what we see and percieve. In that case if we out of no where start thinking really really really absurd things, then those programs should fail to keep controling us and we may stumble upon something new. 


Well, I just wasted some of your "time". Maybe just a disturbance during the inevitable journey called time.


Oh Wait, train of thoughts has not stopped yet.


If we are traveling in any dimension then that dimension must be continuous on the path ahead and other dimensions also exist when we go ahead. Like we can't say after some more time the space dimension will cease to exist. Or can we say that? Well we can say anything, it's just our imagination and it can be just anything. We say universe in infinite because we don't know the end of distance in direction-x. Infinity is also considered circular that if we keep travelling in x direction for infinite time at infinite high speed then we will reach at the same place. Similarly if we stay at the same place x,y and z then will time return? After zillions and zillions of years ahead? And what will happen if time return. Yeah I was talking about the path ahead in time. So does it mean that if one of us can increase the speed of travel in time, he will be able to see things before others arrive there? What if someone just slow down? Does that mean that everything that has to happen has already heppened? Okay now switching context back again, if we talk about the circular nature of dimensions, is this the reason why everything we "see" in nature is circular because there is no start or end for anything that can be said to be a dimension? Like orbit of planets, path of electrons etc etc.


Also since people die and disintegrate during this travel in the dimension of time, maybe because the matter we are made up of, and the system in which it's composed, can tolerate only so much distance in time, lets say a distance of 120 years. If somehow we just make the journey smooth minimising wear and tear of this system called body then can ve travel a bit more? For example tires just gets worn off when they travel for say 100,000 km in space dimension. It does not gets affected by the travel of time if space is contant. Can we study those things and increase our length of journey in time, say 500 years? Not sure if it will be worth it.


What do you think, what's time and what does it mean to say it flow. Relativistically we flow in time. Insn't it? 


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