To this world of fake ostentation
Animated care, ample obligation
I wished to shout hard, wished to cry
Now I am going to break all restrictions
Colligating my courage, I am ready to fly
When I failed, people laughed
My tears, my troubles gave them relief
They wished to make me lose myself
I started losing my self- belief
In their words of envy and conspiracies
I was getting doubted of my own strengths
Now I wish to break all fetters, all hurdles
It would be blue water though, I wish to try
Strengthening my wings of confidence, I am ready to fly
It’s an arena of my thoughts, my own aims
I wish to make rules for my fights, my games
I will strive hard to make by belief comes true
That I am a human of special stature, insignia of few
Nourishing my belief and trust on me, I am ready to fly
It’s my last run before opening the wings
And nature is adorning herself, better than springs
She perhaps getting ready to witness a special moment
In which I will regain my trust, regain the strength
Will touch the highest cloud of success, high in the sky
Smile on face and trust in eyes, I am ready to fly…………

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