Walking on the sea shore hand in hand,
under the heavy rains together we stand,
i am pointing to the moon and asking you,
if we could be those love birds that flew?

The ice-cream in the dark, cold night,
your warmth of hugging me tight,
your promise to set everything

and the world would admire our perfect flight,

I open my eyes and you are not found,
i scream your name but you aren't around,
i go to the sea and sit for hours,
hoping that you will come and gift me flowers,

In the middle of the darkest night,
i am roaming around like a zombie,
waiting for you to come and erase my fright,
i am shivering,struggling to find solitude more comfy,

I look for you in the moonlight,
wondering if we could kiss again passionately,
i stare at everything,nothing seems so bright,
may be this is the gift of loving you unconditionally.

I peep out through the window,
running all over to find you again,
i don't see anything but my own shadow,
i still wait for you getting drenched in the rain!!!

Tags: Love

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