You saw me, on a cross road,
I was cherished and satiated,
Into my own world, fascinated,
You were sad, under invisible load,
We jumped, we walked together,
No destination, free and tranquil,
You became happy, imitated my style,
I became reason of your smile, in all weather,
Months passed, time floated ahead,
Slowly, your smile for me, became fade,
My endeavors for you, now all irritating,
Albeit, I was the same, now frustrating,
You chided, scolded, it was harrowing,
I remain serene, but astonished,
How my same nature now so annoying,
Where all that eternal care vanished,
I cried all nights, fought myself,
Begged, besought deities, seek help,
Couldn’t found a single change in my attitude,
Then where sublimated, all your gratitude,
Alone at some cross road, I am standing,
Confused, but happy again, as usual,
Ecstasies all around, blissful and casual,
Donnow whether still waiting for you, or pretending,
I am there only, unchanged, genuine,
Smiling from heart, eternal care,
Still calm, amiable, sanguine,
Donnow, how to make you aware.

Tags: Love, Way, Care, Fade, Annoying

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