Starring at the blank paper;
Or an empty word pad;
Thoughts running so wild;
Yet I find no words to write!

Writing had always been my passion;
When none was there to hear me;
I spoke with words, 'cause;
My pen & paper, were always there for me!

My ails, my pleasures;
My pains & gains;
My insane dreams, my crazy fantasies;
My pen represented the real 'me'!!

I am scarred, my soul aches;
'Cause I cant express anymore!
Writing, expressing is not difficult but;
Not writing is rather too hard!

Why such thing is happening to me;
I'm in quest, in search;
I look around, but I find none!
Its like, I'm losing my best companion!!

Will I be able to gain my pal again?
No. I don't think I can write anymore!!

Tags: Sad

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