Hey you, favourite stranger
Stranger? Definitely not a stranger to me

I remember waking you up at midnight when scared
When no one stood by me, you were the one who dared

I remember the night long talks
How I enjoyed with you taking those long walks

I remember the sleepless nights
And how I miss our never-ending fights

I remember your efforts to cheer me
Your giggles and smiles that made me forget everything in wee

I realized you liked me and thought I should go
For I liked you too but just didn’t know

I never said I’m going, not even a goodbye
I knew I was wrong, but I was too shy

You knew what I was going through
How could have I knowingly hurt you?

You wanted us to last but you were just a friend
You tried to fix something too broken to mend

I was never yours, could never have been
I never deserved you, such a pure soul had I never seen

I seem to forget to not remember you
What wrong was I doing I wish I knew

All I wish to say is yes I do remember you
For I can’t forget how I badly I miss you too!

Part 1: Do you remember me? : http://www.writerbabu.com/post/do-you-remember-me-/6900/

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