I don't miss you now that you are gone
satisfy myself thinking you never were born

I don't miss that you are not here
coz' to an unborn child that won't be fair

I don't miss our fun time in park
I like to think you were eaten by a shark

I don't miss or grieve or cry
coz I like to think i ate your fried

I don't think about that blissful kiss
i like to believe am a nun and in life life it's amiss

I don't think about the dress you gave
coz i refuse to be a materialistic slave

I don't miss the relation we had
you have to believe it was a fad

I moved on and found someone
coz I like to think I shot you with a gun

do you think, i am crazy?
think what you like and stay away.

One finds her own healing paths
I chose to believe you never there was.

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