Yeah, we've broken up. I've finally come to terms with the fact. But I'm not over him. I'm meant to be.....right?? But I just can't be. It seems like he's gonna be my first and forever love. A lot of his friends say he's crazy, he's a fool, he's stupid. I think he just needs more time. It means they liked us together. I liked us together. I wanna be sure he did. But I'm at the crossroad. Day 1, he said he misses me. Day 2, he said he loves talking to me. Days 3, 4 and 5, I still think about those words. I listen to his voice notes when I have the chance, and I read our chats over. What's wrong with me??? I treasure every single moment we spend together and make sure he sees I'm always there for him. On the other hand, Google says to cut the contact. My heart says it's heartless. What do I do?
It's obvious he's not over us yet. I know him...and I love him for his personality. And for that he deserves my all. I don't wanna be used, but sometimes I feel there's no use. I know what he wants and I'm determined to give him.......without holding back. I want to be the permanent tattoo his memory ever has. I wanna be his' forever.
............Am I too young for these feelings?...........

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