Time has come again, of teddy bears and roses Red,
And air full of fake love, you wish you were dead!!
A date on the Calendar which I can’t wish away,
The birthday of idiots, fucking Valentines Day!!

A test of patience, this time of the Year,
When you get so pissed you wish you were Queer…
With people queuing up to buy Chocolates and Cards,
I wonder how mother earth can take so many Retards??

The boys in their skinny pants, deo and gelled hair,
Prowling for a chick, to complete the pair!!
Not looking for love, or that elusive soul mate.
Just a girl to show the gang, and FB Status Update…

And then there are the girls, with no iffing clue,
Who wonder what to wear, read, pink or blue.
Its all pointless anyways, whatever you wear ma Lady;
The dude ain’t into you, his intentions mostly shady!!

And then there are the nutters, the ones who see it all wrong,
They call themselves activists, their moral screws real strong!!
Go home you fools, don’t cook up a Storm;
Visit a temple or better, buy flowers for your Mom!!

So as the curtains are drawn on this God awful day,
My face breaks into a smile, with only one thing left to say;
Archies and Hallmarks, owe all you fools a big Thanks,
For they are the ones laughing all the way to their Banks!!

Tags: Humor

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