Maybe you don't have heart to understand what I really want from you and what I'm upto that's why you can never answer the questions which i had asked you.
But to be honest with you If I have to put my hand on my heart and say you what I feel for u really then it is just Missing you, yes I miss you too much, even though we talk on daily basis but still I miss you actually I miss the way you loved me for the first time, miss the way you made me feel like I'm the only one in your life who can bring peace to your soul.
I miss those feelings which U had for me.
Those sweet feelings that blushy face I miss that.
I don't know what happens to us, we got busy in pretending too much that we even forgot what we are losing by doing so.
Yes we are losing, can't you see what we are losing?
We are losing us, but the worst is its just me who is trying, fighting to keep the flame of our love on.
I don't know what made u feel like that I hate you but seriously if I would hate you then I shudnt even try to keep you, I shudnt even fight for what we have.
But at some point I felt like I'm not the one for you anymore and I tried to leave you but then you stopped me just want to know why? Why you've stopped me?
You are a strong girl who can hide thousand of feelings in your one smile but see I'm a weak boy I cannot hide anything atleast from the you, no matter how much I try to hide my sorrows, my anxiety, my fear of losing you from the world but I cannot hide it from you.
I know in anger I said so many things, have done so many things which were absolutely not good but they were just because I cannot handle the pain to lose you for something or for someone.
Life had gave me the most precious and prestigious gift I ever had and thats you my sweetheart and I'm too much selfish to live without it.
In short I cannot imagine my life without you, actually I cannot imagine it without being next to you as your everything.
Bubu I miss the way you used to call me bebu, I miss those 3 magical words which you used to say me every night I miss everything.
I know you love me so much, so much than a girl can love her guy.
How can I forget each and every simple things which you have done for me no I can't but All i want is just us to be same like before I just cannot make it through like this, Sometimes I just get feelings to end this life because it is not like before but then I think that if I really end my life then how just how I wiil be part of what god has planned for me and her.
I love you so much bubu these words are not enough to explain how much I do love you, even you sit infront of me whole day and I tell you how much I love you even thats not enough, because I love you just so much.......

Tags: Confession

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