I know my right
don’t enlighten me
My duty
I’ve had enough
Oh’ ho
Unbearable, intolerable
I know my right
Don’t choke me
I know my right
don’t press me...mmmhh

let it go high
don’t let it come down
Pierce it up...
let the red in
let the heat rise
let the tune rise to the top
no matter what
whatever may come
this will go all on
ha, this ain’t the end
I am not a creep
Iam not a fool
I have the knack
I won’t fall
Let me remind you......................I’ll be back
All you have is a spirit
You venture
You feel it
You do it
Thats when the stuff works
And you’ll be back again
Be back again

I know my right
Oh baby
Let me tell you
I am a one shot hitter
I know my right
Let me be in it......


Tags: Self

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