I lived ages thinking of which way to choose,
I wasn’t able to decide which path to choose,
Greener side seemed far better than the darker side,
I was about to choose it but my heart revolted,
“Things are not always the same.”
It was again a horrible hint;
But I closed my eyes, now both sides seemed to be same,
My legs just made there foot marks on the darker side,
And I was rejoiced but I knew I have to face the worst,
Now It’s been years I am On my way “Darker side”,
And I am feeling no pain no regret,
I am not afraid now, I know I have faced the worst,
Now even Pebbles of my path are flowers of my way,
Yes I want to see the Greener side too but I don’t think it can be better than this,
It can give me pleasure but certainly can’t get Myself out of me!!

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