I've lost my key to success.
Yet I can feel the pleasing touch
Of the other key in my fist,
The key to failure.
That key to success when I had
Made me think I can’t loose.
And now when I look at the other key
Resting on my quivering palm,
I find it to be a disgrace
This key not to success.

Got to find the key that I lost.
Or I’ll be seduced to use
this key to failure,
To propel the Mercedes of my mind
And travel the untraveled road in my life,
The road not traveled by winners.
Feeling the bumps of ignominy,
Just to fall straight into a hole.
The one that waits for me
At the end of this strange road.

I've now lost my chance
To find that golden key.
And I’m travelling the road of disgrace
Singing my solitary symphony
I try cleaning the windscreen
From the dust of disgust people show.
And lo! I see the road of grace
The road to success running nearby slow
The only thing that stops me from driving it
Is the barricade in my mind.

Someone please remove that barrier
Let me take the road
And taste success again
But wait!
Who’s gonna let me? Nobody!
On this race track,there are many like me
If I’m a human yet,
I’m gonna break it and say
Who’s gonna stop me?
I’ll take it.

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