As days pass by,
I ask why!
Why do you have to be away from me?
Why can't you with me always be?
A day without you is a waste,
Like food without salt that has no taste.
If you are by my side,
Everything is alright!
I do fight a lot with you,
But that doesn't mean I don't love you.
I love you more than words can tell,
For that cute smile of yours I fell.
The darkness has fallen and here is the night,
All I wish is to hug you tight!
I wanna hold you forever in my arms,
I've been smitten by your charms.
I wanna kiss those beautiful lips,
And remember it forever till my memory slips.
I don't know what the future may hold,
But I'll love you whether we're young or old.
As I close my eyes tonight,
How I wish I could wake up to your beautiful sight!
I wish to see you in my dream,
Else this heart of mine would scream.
Remember I love you a lot,
Hope for me you'll spare a thought!

Tags: Love, Longing

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