I love u, love u a lot but don’t know how to say it,
I am colligating courage & trying to develop that wit,
The life is carrying me towards an endless journey,
Every moment I am enduring a typical agony.
Crying in heart, trying to hide tears but they are shedding,
I am striving, I am beseeching, I am begging,
Dear, I just want to give you a clue,
To make you understand that,’ I love you’.
I love you dear, love you more than my life,
But my love is eternal & not of stereotypical type,
I don’t say that always remain with me,
But if you are a vein then I wish to be the supporting tree.
I wish to be there when conditions are hapless,
I wish to be with you whenever you feel restless,
I wish to be the first one to wipe your tears,
& I wish to make you smile by alleviating your all fears.
Till my last breath I want to love you,
But don’t want anything in return from you,
Seeing your smile gives me a reason to smile,
When you say, “Thanks”, my world stops for a while.
But I want to tell you what my heart say,
Every moment what I wish, what I pray,
I wish for getting your pain, your tears, yes it’s true,
I don’t know anything; just know that I love you.
Your shining eyes seem more fascinating than stars,
Your achievements are lovely then any other rewards,
For me you are more beautiful then a rose covered with dew,
My heart; I just want to say, I love you.

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