I'm '2'. Nobody told me, but I feel so. I don't know what it means (to be '2'), but since I cannot feel otherwise, it must be true.In nights I get huge desire to extend/multiply mySELF into '10'. Why '10'? Why night? I don't know WHY. I'm terribly sorry that being apparently a creature of reason, I cannot reason when it comes to multiplication. Yes..multiplication. Again it's night; when I feel a killing need of someone '5' (just the way I'm 2), to multiply with, or else I won't be able to extend mySELF into '10' (precisely because I'm '2'). I've been feeling like this since I entered my teens. Particularly at nights. Particularly in public parks, when I take a peek at happenings behind the bushes.Why do I need someone else ('5' in my case)? Why can't I multiply on my own, just like micro-organisms? And why no one besides '5' suits me? Is it just because I'm '2'!?

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