He comes across as rude,
I tend to soothsay.
He calls himself a rebel,
And I'd much rather obey.

He likes to keep it in,
And I love to share.
He tends to brush things off,
When I can't help but care.

Our tastes never match,
And we fight more than we breathe.
We laugh together a moment,
And then we're smiling through our teeth.

We piss each other off,
And never see eye to eye.
We disagree on when to stay,
And when its time to say goodbye.

We're two ends of a city,
Roads that cross but dont meet.
We're safer on our own,
But we're also incomplete.

I'm Noida, and he's Dwarka,
In this metropolitan town.
We struggle to reach the middle,
Or we're both left to drown.

Tags: Love

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