Yes you heard it right, I met a Wonder Women. Long long ago, back into the years, when I used to carry lunch box to school, there she was preparing food for her family. Taking care of every one just like a mother, sacrificing her dreams, she lend her hands to support her sweet home,

Doing everything on her own, she learnt the hard way the art of cooking for her own.

She has been through the times just like the iron being molten red hot to bring it to shape.

When looked into her, I found a singer, a piano artist, a wonderful dancer, a chef, a business woman, a very religious woman with a touch of Classy Western style!

Her expressions are innumerable or I could say upto infinity! All I could see was ever changing and very cute yet dangerous expressions.

She is the strongest woman I have met till date, a woman who could handle her emotions with a beautiful smile on her face, a woman who can give you no clue about how hard it is going on, on her side. Her smile can make me go crazy, her anger is the one I would never want to see, her kindness is only for the worthy!

Where many of the women break down, this wonder woman that I know was raised up! 

Yes Saiveena! You are a Wonder Women! 💫😊

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