Life's been a race,
With many a goals to chase.
College life is so much fun,
But with it there is so much to be done!

Sometimes exams, sometimes surprise tests,
With those never ending assignments,
And those projects,
There's no time to think what to do next!

Semester after semester,
Life becomes a bigger disaster.
There's no time to take a break,
Because my life is at stake!

Working round the clock,
With no time to talk,
I shed a silent tear,
Because life's been like this all year.

Now that I've finished all my tests,
And wish to take some rest,
I plan with all zeal and zest,
To use my time to the best!

But then comes the blow,
And takes away the glow,
Makes me feel so low,
My plans have taken the blow!

I've classes during the holidays,
I've to say goodbye to my plans for happy days.
I'm tired from all these burdened days,
All I need is some holidays!

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