It feels ‘used’ when you do things for people, care for them and ask if they are fine and still not getting anything in return. All a person wants is someone’s time, for someone to listen to their problems, desires, fears and fantasies and to some extent understand too.
Time is the most precious gift you could ever give to someone. For time cannot be taken back. If you give me your time, it belongs to me from that moment. You cannot take that back from me. It has become my possession now. Giving someone time is like giving them a part of you. Seldom do people understand this thing. They term this as ‘favouring’. If I am investing my time in you, it means I like you or I feel that you understand me or are a good friend or all of them.
If you do something for someone, you expect them to at least appreciate it. Expecting them to reciprocate it is far-fetched. Not all of us are self-less.
Self-less love is the best feeling but at the same time it brings a lot of pain and suffering along with it. It’s a state when you don’t think about getting anything in return and you just want to give, give and give. Such people are hard to find.
We all need love and care to survive. We all want to be ‘wanted’ without wanting to appear vulnerable. How important does it become to have someone to listen, care, and love us?
The root cause of disappointment is expectation. Never expect anything from anyone and the world would then be a better place!

Signing off!

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