I woke up today and first thing I noticed was my tummy. It's becoming bigger. 


Today I took a resolution that I will set and follow office timings strictly. Office starts at 10:30 and ends at 7:00 and this time has to be utilised to 200%. And after office I need to give priority to non-work things like workout, learning guitar(long time pending), singing, reading books, writing on WriterBabu, movie, walking on terrace etc etc. I can't let my life slip away just because am trying so hard to build it.


The key here is that the office time has to be super efficiently utilised. And actually I think if I plan things and work with full concentration in the given time it will be much more fruitful than lingering all over day and night and then getting upset over not getting time for other things. 


The good thing with me is that I am working on my own starup and I don't have to waste 4 hours daily getting stuck in the Noida to Gurgaon traffic. Ever since I left my job and moved to my home town life has been easier in terms of external factors like commutation and I have been in work mode from sun rise to midnight. I barely speak to my wife about anything else than just work. I realise that my project will have always too much to do in less time even if we have lot of employees but the time won't return back. I will not cut short on the work and scope and my plans but just that I will try to squeez all the work in the office hours and I know pretty well that it's doable if I work with focus. Let's see how this resolution goes. 


Cover Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash (and that's not me in the photo)

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