People in streets,
Wearing black robes,
With small hammers by their sides
Looking carefully at each passerby
Making announcements
She is a hore
& that guy looks like dubledore
Attack they say is the best form of defense
They have painted the world red in self defence
Why do we small prey to this?
Why do we categorize?
Do everything you see belongs in so box or another
Do you always have judge?
Why do you hate so many people
Why the most piss you off
Its maybe because you measure yourself to them
And always always you fall shot
Its not them
Its your eyes
They say love people
Compassion is the greatest gift
But what can we do if we just know judge
If its the impusle
If we cant help but to judge
Cant we learn by mere looking
Can looking be possible without the mind
Why do as soon as I hear a news
I know if this
Good for me or
this is bad
I didn't think
I didn't analyze
I knew as soon as I heard it
I am fucked
It a high tide
And my mind goes banana
Why do I judge
It just makes me sad
butI cant help it
maybe I am not wise
But sooner or later
I will realise the world that they have created
will one day break
One day I will look them in the eye
and just look them in the eye
Than when I will see something incredible
whe I will not be defensive at their sight
I hope I will
And this poem might not have lead me there
But I will keep on trying

Tags: Tragedy

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