I tell you
When you give your heart to someone,
And your soul wants to be with just one.
When you know its him,
Who will love you more than anyone can think.
Your soul craves for his presence,
But all you get is his absence.
Your heart weeps, but its cries aren't heard,
And you feel like a caged bird.
Your story is no longer a fairytale,
It is just one of your hopes that failed.
I tell you
When the past haunts you,
They remind you of things you once knew.
Those memories you wish you could change,
Especially the ones harsh, nasty and strange.
You know you have no control over the past
Then Why not make new memories in the present that last?
I tell you
Why be someone so vulnerable?
For people to make you feel terrible.
What is the use of a brave soul?
That cannot carry a heart so full of emotions.
What is the use of being drowned in love?
When it is not reciprocated by your belove.
I tell you
When your heart is so fargile,
That even a harsh word could make you whine.
Remember, such people do not value your tears
Then what is the use of having such peers?
I tell you
Hatred lies where there is love,
Its just an emotion that your ego puts above.
Your eyes can't deny
Those feelings that in your heart still lie.
I tell you
To burn feelings alive,
Is something that you force your heart to deprive.
Its once again a camouflage,
To hide all your emotions at large.

You ask me
I tell you

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