Humans, have always been my fantasy,
Having them come over, fills me with ecstasy,
I hope that i am purchased soon,
So that i could also watch the midnight moon.

The shopkeeper uncle opened the shop,
hoping for some customer to hop.
i was daydreaming about human life and their world,
"i want that diary", startled me a beautiful girl.

It hurt me a little when she scratched my pages with ink,
But her feelings were so interesting that i couldn't sleep a wink.
She wrote about her school and her innocent dreams,
and the bullies who tease her and the schoolmate grins.

she wrote about her parents, Mr. and Mrs. White,
and how they fight, all day and night,
YET, she always keeps joking about her life,
and wishes to be someday, a price charming's wife.

For months together, she'd been writing in me regularly,
i became her "dear diary" and she, "my family"..

She wept in me many a times, but sometimes she giggled,
it was quite amazing to see how her thoughts and ink mingled.
she wrote about how she loved making "smileys" of fogs or the window,
I myself fell in love, just with the description of the scenario,

I was looking forward to what she'd write next,
but she just wrote "I'm giving up" and kept her pen on the desk,
after that day, i was never opened or written on,
I just couldn't figure out, what the hell went wrong?

i re-read all the diary entries of the girl i belonged,
then i figured out, what my girl always had longed.
she longed love, longed for a single friend,
she longed smile or just a single happy event.

she gave up on LIFE..
which i daydreamt of having all the while.
but all of my fantasies have gone in vain, dear girl,
i wish, i coul "give up" too, because now, you have become my world..

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