Sometimes I feel me lucky but just in next moment I begin to hate myself
there was a time, when I used to laugh, I had friends who were important for me more then my parents. I was so fun loving girl
something happened to me that changed me, my life, my attitude towards people, friends..
I never thought that will happen even not in. Dream, my bestfriends will cheat me..
one of my friend Rahul we were bestfriends from last 5 years
one day he called me n asked for notes he said me he lost his English notes n we had exam next day.
I said ask others I cant help you sorry
but he refused n said I want your's
I also had to study for exams, but he forced me for my notes, and as he was my bestfriend.. I said him ok come my home n take it
that time my friend Sakshi also came, n Rahul,too
when Rahul enter he saw Sakshi n got shocked
I was like what happned to him
he got expression's in my face & pretend me nothing
I got his intention,
his intention was wrong, that time my parents were out of station to meet my elder sister delhi she read in aiims
I thanked to Sakshi..
n from that day I have'nt talked to him...
today I did n fight

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