when i was 5 or 6 , like every other kid my eyes searched for kids of my age . i wished to play , jump , run , fall and move around with them. although there were 4 to 5 kids in my street but neither my thoughts nor my heart ever allowed me to build that special bond of friendship with them. their talk , their games , their unnecessary quarrels used to upset me ... i longed for peace and harmony.

we had a maid named "suman" . when she came for work her nieces accompanied her. they were of my age . they used to play in our garden . their love for each other , the care they showed and the way their thoughtful and dreamy eyes encased this gala time used to make me wanting to play with them.

one day out of all shyness i asked them if i could join them . their welcoming yes embossed my heart with happiness and joviality . never did those rich kids smile nor did they mixed so easily ... i thought .
those girls never complained for anything. where the rich ones cried for laptops and cellphones , these kids enjoyed making sand hills and stone cameras.

as time passed by , my neighbors started teasing me because i befriended the so-called "low class" kids . they said - "why don't you go and live in their slum too??" . but my morals were raised so high by these girls that i never gave back-answers ... i would just ask - "do you people know how to make a sand palace ??" ... to which they used to say NO . hearing that they don't have this talent i used to walk with my head held high. they had all sort of toys,board games and what not . but the peace , smile , harmony and sense of satisfaction was something they always lacked.

they used to call my friends ugly but i always found them beautiful . from that tender age itself i started considering heart's beauty over face's .

today, when my needs are minimum and i prioritize happiness , peace and harmony , i realize how correct my choices were....

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