I wanna leave this materialistic earth;
For I find no more a mirth
For that doesn't mean I wanna die;
I wanna fly to mars with a great sigh!

For I am tangled in earthly world & earthly things;
Wanna mount, give me the golden wings!
Bless the red planet with water & air;
For I can grow some fruits & food I prepare!

Wanna hover, where green rivers flow;
Two moons above & the rocky ground below!
From high mountains to the deep valleys;
Breaking from this cobweb, I wanna flee!

Bid adieu to earth & land on mars;
Where still I see heavenly stars!
Where I see the storms of rustic dust;
And has many a craters thrust!

For all I need is, a piece of peace;
God will you bestow that planet for lease?
Bless me with the eagles wings;
I shall land on mars, with a great zing!!

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