Write , write , I wanna write ,
Right now , I just can't keep quiet.

But what to write ? Is the question ,
Though I think I have a fair prognostication.

How about something happy , may be ?
I'm tired of this heart , so heavy.

I wanna scream , I wanna Yell,
Dance the night away.
With no one to tell,
How to behave , once again.

I want to be the bird serenading from the tree ,
Or be the baby so care free.

I want to be the sun flowers yellow ,
So Jolly , So mellow.

I want to laugh loudly,
With the sun and the weather not so cloudy.

I wish to be crazy,
With no care of future , which is yet Hazy.

Write , write I Did Write ,
After All I did Not keep Quiet !! :D :D

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