I was lonely and filled with grief.
About to fall from the tree, a yellow leaf.
The world seemed unfair and utterly mean.
Then you came around and coloured me all green.
We were friends, we were companions.
We understood each other.
I talked, you listened.
There was no room for another.
Then you proposed, I be your godmother!
I said yes, everything felt good when we were together.
Everything was happy, nothing felt sad.
We didn't realize that was all we could've had.
We didn't know we had to stay there.
We didn't know that was all we could share.
So the poem changed the rhythm and rhyme.
We fell for each other, in no time!
We stayed together for a little while.
I swear it was pure, sans any guile.
And then the tide washed the shore,
Everything went away, nothing left anymore.
For no fault of yours or mine,
And because between love and hate, there's a fine line;
You left to go away so very far,
From there when you saw the moon, you could only see the scar.
Things went awry, they didn't have to.
For I found you so good, I fell in love with you.
And I still love you, for all that you are.
I know you're good, I know you're fair.
It must be for the greater good, that things went wrong.
I understand that, so I will be strong.
I wish you remain the same always,
Through every good and bad phase.
It didn't work out, you and me.
I'm sure there's reason it wasn't meant to be.
All said and done,
And bearing regrets none.
I wish for you a wonderful life,
Beautiful kids and a pretty wife.
With these last words I bid adieu.
But as long as forever and maybe after that too,
I will still be in love with you.

Tags: Love

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