I wish I was a boy,
Who could do whatever gave him joy.
Who could raise his voice,
Whenever he wanted to make a choice.
I wish I could free,
Myself from all the boundaries.
I wish.........

I wish I wasn't the Girl,
The girl who was raped last night.
Whose screeches were enjoyed,
And all her efforts to save herself went void.
Not did one feel for me any compassion,
It seemed like a recurring fashion.

I wish I had not had a past,
A past whose treacherous memories still last.
They follow me wherever I go,
As if to remind me without default...
That being a girl is my fault.

They still haunt me in my sleep,
And all I can do is silently weep.
"Ssh! Silence is all we are taught", says Ma
"All the hardships are in our lot".
I say, "Why being a girl is such a sin?"
"Why isn't she treated akin?"

The world is very cruel,
A place where innocence doesn't rule.
Torture, sufferings and tears are those gifts,
That destiny has told us to hide with smiling lips.
And all I can do is -
"Wish to Never Be A Girl Again."

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