The world never ran out of good people,
good people just ran out of patience.
there is a smile on peoples faces,
smiles can be masked, but yours are wary.

I fear that I can be blinded by emotion,
but fear is something that hasn't happened yet,
we are not prophets, so fear not - we should!
yet it is true, I am short sighted,
metaphorically and literally.

you are amazing, but I wouldn't know.
I saw what I wanted to see, but it was far away.
you came closer even clearer to me,
but I digressed and didn't judge what I see.

you are different, how? I wouldn't know.
you came to be something else,
I guess we all have that in us,
strangers are just people we haven't conversed with.
you were once mine, not now, but we knew.

you can be beautiful, but to be honest I wouldn't know.
we say things when we fill them, we can deny acting on impulse,
but how else is life challenged or do I just mean love.
a lie can hold you, I'd say the truth can set you free.
the truth doesn't hurt it opens your mind to denial.

you can be a bitch, that I do know.
I don't judge, or hate, I will like the wind,
time is of the essence,
so what is the essence of wasting time?
you hate me without an explanation,
I digress by the way, you only shock me with numbness.

there are more fish in the see, how do you know?
I am the patient fisher man with no fish,
I am looking for the big great white, her highness!
I have no reason to take home the easy catch for a night.
I want to last the season and some more.

you used to amaze me, how? I wouldn't know.
I guess I was caught up in the moment,
however we all get one, till we don't have it anymore
you could be special, I promise you that.
you curse the world, but the world is a beautiful place.

you want all the best, so I'll let you know.
that we deserve everything we want,
but we don't deserve it handed to us.
I hope you make moments not mistakes.
I hope you find something or someone,
Cause the world is a beautiful place,
we just look at it all screwed up!

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