Being a Manager is a Big Challenge. You need to juggle on conflicting roles and facing peer competition for the attention of the more senior staff, handling people under you and doing administrative stuff that sometimes climbing to the top position is hard and not always a priority.

The term, “Middle Manager” is not clearly defined, but in general refers to someone who is charged with supervising several employees, but does not manage other supervisors. Caught between senior management and subordinates, a middle manager’s position can involve a lot of stress with relatively little reward. Middle managers need to supervise their direct reports and provide mentorship to their juniors, while at the same time answering to their own bosses and clients. Keeping both those above and those below happy can be a difficult balancing act.

However, people in this position should not be down. Always remember that you will not be there if you have not gained it. There is always a great possibility that you can still reach the top. IAM Group Ltd. has gathered some tips for you to use to stand out from your competitors and get ahead.

Take Control

Researchers in Yokohama, Japan where there statistics have shown to have the greatest number of middle managers, states that people who shows the greatest display of power competencies, such as ambition along with the ability to influence others, resolve conflict and effect change, making the middle managers effective and liked by both sides he is serving. These skills and power have the greatest potential associated with the key qualities to moving up the corporate ladder.

Walk the Talk

Mahatma Ghandi once said “Become the Change you want to see in the world”

One of the CEOs of the most successful companies in Japan always mentions this on his seminars and webinars. It is important that the ones you teach your people should also be reflected in their actions. When you are teaching your team not to be late, then you shouldn’t as well. Those under you look up to you as their example and the company is expecting much from you as well. Also, never make promises that you can never keep, whether to your subordinates, boss or colleagues.

Work Smart

Time management is an area where many overwhelmed middle managers can improve. The right combination of tools and practices can free up to an hour a day to spend on those tasks that actually move the needle of the business. Use technology intelligently and prioritize to focus on what counts, and reduce time spent on less important tasks and activities.

Whatever the challenge is to you, always remember that none of it will be thrown at you if you cannot do it. IAM Group Limited continuously wishes you the happy managing!

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