Maybe heaven and hell exist and not just an imagination of our mythology. Every religion promises heaven if you follow that religion piously. Have you ever imagined,” What would happen if there exist reservation in Heaven? How much would be the reservation percent? What are the criteria for qualification? What’s the creamy layer there?”


Imagine there are two persons. One belongs to Category A caste or general or normal caste. The other belongs to Category B consisting of some special or privileged castes.

The Category A person was, devoted to god, highly religious, fasted on each sacred day, gave donations to the needy, prayed regularly, chanted regularly, had tremendous faith in god, helped the poor etc. (In short, the dream child of every Indian mother :P).

And the Category B person was, barely religious, never fasted, never thought of donations, pretended as poor to get benefits, seldom prayed, didn’t know what chanting was, had no or a little faith in god etc.

The Category A guy had some aspirations for his afterlife like getting in to heaven, studying under his favourite god, working as an assistant to his favourite god and eventually succeeding his favourite god after that god’s retirement. Contrary to this, the Category B guy had no such aspirations.

They both died and reached gods’ abode, simultaneously. They entered a big hall and all the gods’ they heard about were sitting there. They were standing in the centre of that hall, waiting for their final judgement.

Only one of them could be allowed to go to heaven. The record keeper opened their record and recited their deeds, in front of the gods. The gods’ started discussing their deeds. All the gods were impressed by the deeds of the Category A person. On the other hand, the deeds of the Category B guy were barely noticed by the Gods. (The Category A guy became confident of his selection :P)

Majority of the Gods believed, this place should be awarded to the Category A guy. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one god stood up. He reminded the other gods about one special rule, which provided privileges to the persons belonging to Category B. This rule was created a long time back to meet the requirements of that particular time.

The rule states that if a Category B person performs a single act during any special ceremony or during any festival or special occasion, he should be preferred than any other category A guy. Although the rule fulfilled its purpose it was still enforceable, may be the gods forgot to repeal the rule.

The gods asked the record keeper, was there any specific deed of Category B person which was worth noticing. The record keeper stated that there was one deed, but it was to be decided by gods whether it was worth noticing or not. The record keeper stated that the Category B person danced on Bollywood songs like, ae Ganpat chal daru la and chikni chameli, during a holy festival.

The gods argued whether this would constitute a specific act or not, as per the rule. After lot of discussion, argument and may be a small quarrel among the gods, it was decided that this may be considered as a specific act as per the rule. The place was awarded to the Category B person.

The Category A guy felt dejected. All his life he did what he could do for a better afterlife. He was perplexed and nonplussed. He had no clue what he should do now. He thought a lot and pondered over the various options or solutions. For a moment he even despised gods. All these things increased his frustration. In that frustrated mindset, he opted what many Category A persons had opted before. He ended his Afterlife and opted for rebirth (hoping for a birth in Category B family :P).



It is unknown to us whether the rebirth was in Category A or B. We can just pray that the person gets into heaven, surpassing all the rules and creamy layers (If his rebirth was in Category A family). We are also praying that the gods realise that the purpose of the rule has been fulfilled and it should be repealed.

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