If the sun doesn't rise for me tomorrow
Will you fill your heart with sorrow?
For my happy days on earth is over;
And heaven is pulling me closer!

Though how much you shed your tears;
And scream & yell, I will be nomore to hear
For, you cover me with a bouquet & bunch of garlands;
I will be no more to smell their fragrance!

Though I 've cherished all through twenty years;
Will you speak to me in your prayers?
Tomorrow, when in coffin I lie
Will my today's memories make you cry?

If tomorrow, I bid a good - bye;
Will you really miss me or just a sigh?
Have I painted your hearts with my love, my smiles? So,
When I go away, in your arms will you hold a while?

Tomorrow when my soul, my body departs;
Will you cherish my art in your hearts?
When heaven calls me & there comes my time
Up in the sky, see me as a star that brightly shines!

My blessed last moments with you;
Will you treasure through or just shoo?
When I leave you all & bid adieu ;
Hope I will be safe in your hearts, for my love is true!

Forgive my sins & forget my faults;
The best memories with you, may never halt!
If tomorrow death arrives;
With you, within you, I always stay alive!!

Tags: Death, Memories, Self

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