Silent spaces make me uncomfortable,

Words though are tyrant,

I dwell in between them,

Did you notice, how I go along?


I will go if you ask me to,

If I be shameless, show me shame,

If I am hungry, let me be,

If I am cold, burn me down


I hum songs of happiness and despair,

I am blind from the inside,

But I notice outside, I see you smile,

I see the days when you shiver inside,


My silence never spoke to you,

Or did it scream, you didn’t hear,

I am a crazy man, I know you’re scared,

Of scars far below these burns.


Who am I? Tell my stories to your future,

How I lost my battles and then fought another,

But then why will you, I’d be gone,

A little dark secret, forget it,


If I go, I’ll be gone,

Beyond the point of return,

Will you still be my dream?

That didn’t come true.

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