Sitting in my room,
I stare across the wall and ponder..
Wishing to live just another day longer.
Questioning myself on have I achieved it all?
Then realizing that life is more about enjoying each moment,
Before the final fall.
Wishing a life without any regrets,
And overcoming each obstacle no matter how challenging it gets!
Tomorrow is lost in uncertainty,
So today I choose to live heartily.
Knowing that I have made sad faces smile,
Dancing to the tune of life,
I take the final bow in style.
I reflect upon my days of joy and days of sorrow,
Days of success and days of failures,
Days when I had friends that were few,
And days when I learnt something new.
And as I spend the day before my final judgment with family and friends,
Severing each smile ,laughter and breathe for tomorrow it might all end.
Thanking God for sending me to this Earth,
And giving me a life that has proved being of worth.

Tags: Literati

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