Living life day by day
Our rules our way
With colorful shades of gray

when our world was shiny and bright
Ignoring our inner light
we missed a very important sight

Dancing to the latest tone
Snatching away the icecream cone
A real caring friend stood all alone

When the road ahead was unclear
Head and Heart was full of fear
Mother always silently stood near

Wanted to fly high in the air
Risking everything that we care
Ignored the love in father’s glare

Burning in ego and self-pride
Treating life as a roller-coaster ride
Threw away the happiness frm our side

Stubborn with our every choice
Fake success made us rejoice
Refusing the god’s own voice

With each other we hardly agreed
Killing self with our own greed
Wanting always more than the need

Later in life we will realize,
We lived it full of lies,
our eyes were closed to every surprise.

Our eyes opened very late
Call it destiny or fate
Now closed is every gate.

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