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Make Dream a Real Asset


Hallucinatory experience caused during sleep, imagination without chance of realizing, vaporous things, nectarous state detached from the reality, wish hoping to realize in the future ... (Daijirin dictionary)

Make Dream a Real Asset. To make the “Dream” as a Real Asset, and to leave it to the next generations, we will challenge with all we have.

Secure the energy, and use it clean

–Energy and environmental technologies, which decrease environmental loads, are drawing more attentions world-wide in recent years.

–On the other hand, diversification of energy resource is required to maintain the social life while covering the active energy requirements of the developing countries.

–IHI is participating in technical development in various approaches for reduction, evaluation, capture, storage and monitoring of emission of CO2, protecting Earth from global warming but still maintaining the cultural life.

Security and Safety

Providing “security and safety” to your life

–IHI is developing nondestructive inspection and residual life evaluation technology necessary to use the bridges and plants with reassurance.

–We are also stepping forward into the security, bio and medical fields.

Monozukuri (Manufacturing)

Manufacturing technology supporting the IHI products

–IHI has consistent manufacturing technology utilizing numerical simulation from the designing to manufacturing.

–We realized high added values such as high performance, high reliability, high quality, low cost, low environment load.

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