Clara slowly opened her eyes only to find that she was late for work. It was a very important day for her at her office. She had to give a presentation which was her only chance to get a promotion. She quickly took a bath and got ready for her presentation in her finest of formal clothes.


Steering back her BMW out of the garage, she mumbled her morning prayers. An hour had passed driving towards her office, her car came to a sudden halt. A black cat jumped out of the garbage can to find Clara with her head on steering wheel and blood flowing down her face. A large group of people gathered around the car and blocked the cat’s view. The cat moved through the legs of people and jumped inside the car. She started licking Clara’s head.


“Aahh”, Clara said, with pain as she slowly lifted her head from steering wheel. Cat was still trying to lick her face. As she opened her eyes, she saw a cat jumping off her lap and out of the car. The cat disappeared between the legs of crowd that had gathered around her car. 


“Where am I?”  She asked, a women in flowery dress.


“Home”, said the women, taking a step aside. The crowd in front of her face also shifted slowly to give her the view of a large open field with a barn and a house.


“How’s this possible?” She mumbled. Words hardly escaped her mouth to the shocking view in front of her eyes. A moment ago she was driving through roads of New York and now her car was suddenly in middle of a large field.


“I must be dreaming. Yes, I am still asleep and late for work. Ahhh!” she said, as pinched herself only to find that she wasn’t asleep. She tried to remember how she got here but wasn’t able to. Slowly, panic took over her with thoughts of her kids who are alone at home and unaware of the fact that their mom is somewhere far away from home in a land, she doesn’t know a way out of.


Women in flowery dressed opened the gate of the car and made a gesture telling her to step out of car. Clara tried to move but couldn’t as she broke some bones of her legs. A man with a huge mustache and big muscles came forward to lift her out of the car. He carried her inside the house and layed her on bed. The rest of the crowd followed.


“What is this place? Who are you people? How I got here? Please, let me go. My kids are alone at home and don’t even know how to use phone. Please, take me home” she said, with tears escaping her eyes.


“ don’t need to worry about anything for now. Just have some sleep then we will talk. My lady, you are at your home only”, the women in flowery dress said. Clara wanted to say something against it but couldn’t so she decided that it was better to do as the women told her.


Somewhere in the New York city in a apartment on 13th floor, a phone rang. A man in his mid 30s picked up the reciever.


“Hello, am I speaking to Mr.Robinson?”




“Sir, your wife has met with an accident. She’s in hospital and doctor’s say she’s in coma right now. I messaged you the address, please hurry.”


Adam immediatey hung up, picked up his car keys and rushed out of the house.   

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