According to one philospher, half of the world's problems are due to immorality and the other half are due to mental imbalance. If we conquer debilitating traits of the mind such as hysteria, stress, anxiety and agitation, half of the myriad problems plaguing this world would be solved immediately.

Mental agitation and stress are just as harmful for our lives as immoral, unethical behavior. Uncontrolled emotions do as much harm as unbridled senses. Therefore, as we try to augment virtues and decrease vices in our lives, we should also be wary of the madness caused by our uncontrolled reactions to external emotional stimuli.

If we resolve all the vices from this earth except tolerance and capriciousness, hellish conditions will still prevail. The Teacher of the Gita (Lord Krishna) has advised that each rational human being should be adept in maintaining "samatva" (perfect mental balance).

We should not get puffed up with egotism or euphoria when success smiles on us, nor should we succumb to panic at the slightest hint of obstacles. Both in times of happiness and adversity, we should retain our composure and serenity. While trying to comprehend the grand scheme of things of this world, we should patiently listen, then understand, and then act as the situation demands.

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