Yet start I, again,
Sauntering through the woods;
Whelps I see; cuddling.
Oh! The love of the broods;
Anxious they are not,
Haven is their hood.

Reminiscences captivate me,
Strolled in are the memories;
Safest was my haven,
My parents were the dauntless guardians.
Love was sprinkled all around;
The incessant tender.

Then came a storm in our bay,
Uprooted what came in its way; ghastly!!
Pleaded the fallows for survival,
Also the trees did weep.
To the Almighty, all called for help,
"God! Hands thy hither lend, prithee!!"

Prayers were greeted,
Apathy was the present.
Corpses I saw, I was left aloof,
Gone was my family; Scorched!!
The rains did stop,
Placated was the storm.

I cried, I screamed,
But came no one to wipe.
So, to find a serene home,
I started to walk alone.
Oh! Tears came out
Remembering the past.

But, my present shouts,
Joy is here not to last.
So, I walk through
The woods to live.
To greet myself tranquillity,
I walk into the wild.

- Caveat Lector

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