If you ask me as always you do,
What I ate for breakfast today,
I can say honestly and with smile,
I ate cherries red and sweet
From the country yard,
I love the taste and smell of fruits "
But all the summer I can eat
just cherries.

If you ask me as always you do,
What dress I wear today "
I can say with smile and blush,
I wear summer dress with stamps of
Cherries… red on white, and little
Green leaves between.
You could see me now in different light.

If you ask me as sometimes you do,
Ignoring my mood,
What kind of panties I wear today,
I could say if I wished in this time
They are also little white with
cherries stamps in front and lace.
Now you imagine even better all of me,

And curious enough you ask me
About my smell and when I took shower today.
I don’t expect so smart question from you "
As a man with strong imagination and needs
And I say straight away, my hair has the smell
Of fresh cherries and rain, and my body too
As I put a cherry lotion.
Now no more questions I allow, you could guess
What taste and smell I am…

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