Round and round in circles we go,

No direction, neither a goal.

What if I say the path is clear,

Hope you will not give me a smear.


Psychology is absent from people's mind,

But there is a way you need to find.

Going around in circles will never end,

But it is easier to follow the trend.


Open your eyes and look at yourself,

Be you and do your best.

If you need someone, please dont shy,

Just dial the number and give it a try.


People will say you are mad,

They don't help either when you are sad.

You can be brave to give it go

There is nothing to lose if you think so.


You are a being, you will always grow,

Give yourself the chance to open up more.

Going for counselling might be stigmatised

Who cares? You dont need to compromise.


Your mental health matters most,

If someone says otherwise, 

It is because they boast.

We are all humans and problems are fair,

If you want to achieve, you need to dare.






This is dedicated to all those people who are afraid to seek counselling when they feel depressed or stressed. Please give it a try. It might change your life. 


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