M: Me
IM: Intelligent Me
EM: Emotional Me
This is a conversation between between M, IM and EM.
M: I am not a confident girl.
EM: Why? Oh God why did you have to make me like this?
IM: What do you think ‘confidence’ it is?
EM: It is what X has. I hate X.
M: Why don’t you give me a hint? I am lost.
IM: I think it is something like faith in ones own self. That whatever I do, I will do it right. Whatever goes wrong, I can make it alright.
M: But what in myself am I supposed to have faith in?
IM: It could be anything. Lets say intelligence.
M: But what if I am not intelligent?
IM: Then your hardwork, maybe.
M: Ok!
EM: Or God. Maybe I could have faith that whatever happens or will happen is as per Gods bigger plan. He has chosen something good for me. Hence whatever I do, I will do it right.
IM: Hmmmm…..
M: I also hear people talking some crap about talking ‘confidently’..
IM: That’s all rubbish.
EM: Ermmm….Ermmmmmmmmmmmmm
IM: Talking confidently is just about being sure of what you are saying. I mean how much surety does it take in being sure that you want a glass of water and saying “ I want a glass of water”.
EM: I told you its all rubbish! Ha!
M: But sometimes, when I am in a room full of people I don’t know…I feel worthless…I sometimes feel my life is as good as rotten garbage…and that’s when I feel unconfident. That’s when I am not even sure if I am thirsty! :O
IM: What makes you think that person Y is better and you are worthless?
M: He thinks he is handsome and can charm his way out of anything.
IM: The thing that he has faith in his beauty.
M: So all I gotto do is find that one thing I can have faith in.
EM: Isn’t that what IM told you like ages ago! You dumbass!
M: Hmmm…Fair enough!

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